Friday, November 9, 2007

Ties for Your Little Guy

I have never been a big fan of ties... they can look stiff and uncomfortable and often seem to sit funny. I somehow got the idea in my head to try to make a modern tie - something that I would actually like putting on my little boy and would look cute and fresh. I picked some great fabrics and came up with some ties for our Etsy shop - comfortable, lightweight and super-modern looking, these ties really dress your boy up without making him look like a stiff miniature groom - he won't even notice it's there! Pair with cords or khakis and a white shirt and your little guy will steal the show.


Felicia said...

How adorable! I'm visiting from the Etsy forums :)

Amy (mamasaidshop) said...

these are awesome!!! i love the yoga pants i bought from you for my littlemama... i think i need to buy a couple of these as gifts!

Meredith said...

Now THAT'S clever.

And cute.

Found you thru Polka Dot Moms!